Improve patient outcomes through more objective healthcare screenings

Prescriptive screening devices remove subjectivity and variability from your exams while human-centered augmented intelligence supports your decision making. 

Simply intelligent


Augmented intelligence enhances human decision making. 


Your objective diagnosis is precise and efficient.


Securely deliver an immediate recommendation right during the patient exam.

Increase precision 
and speed

Configurable digital workflows and AI-guided diagnostics ensure objectivity to quickly identify early disease. 

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Experience truly objective results

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Heart health screening

Make your ECG/EKG tests more patient-centric through live augmented reality. Manage your patients' health journeys through the secure EMR/PACS system integration.

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Oral pre-cancer screening

Intra-oral imaging sensors discover pre-cancerous lesions while you educate your patients. 

Cervical pre-cancer triage

Objectively identify critical areas of abnormality through a secure, portable device that completely replaces your conventional colposcope. 

Secure EMR/PACS Integration

Link your screening devices to the secure eHIE Cloud or your on-premise EMR and PACS systems via our HL7/FHIR enabled software bridge. Securely access your data anytime, anywhere.


Explore the new way to diagnose your patients