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Improve patient outcomes through more objective healthcare screenings

Prescriptive screening devices remove subjectivity and variability from your exams while AI* supports your decision making. 

Simply intelligent


AI* enhances human decision making. 


Your objective diagnosis is precise and efficient.


Securely deliver an immediate recommendation during the patient exam.

Increase precision 
and speed

Configurable digital workflows and AI-guided* diagnostics ensure objectivity to quickly identify early disease. 

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Experience truly objective results

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Heart health screening

Make your ECG/EKG tests more patient-centric through live augmented reality. Manage your patients' health journeys through the secure EMR/PACS system integration.

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Oral pre-cancer screening

Intra-oral imaging sensors discover pre-cancerous lesions while you educate your patients. 

Cervical pre-cancer triage**

Objectively identify critical areas of abnormality through a secure, portable device that completely replaces your conventional colposcope. 

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Secure EMR/PACS Integration

Link your screening devices to the secure eHIE Cloud or your on-premise EMR and PACS systems via our HL7/FHIR enabled software bridge. Securely access your data anytime, anywhere.

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Try the new way to diagnose your patients risk-free

*AI is not currently available in United States

**The NSV nGyn system is a Class II FDA Exempt Device under the PTZ designation for use as a digital colposcope. Our manufacturing is compliant with latest ISO and GMP standards required by the FDA. 

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