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There's a better way to diagnose heart disease 

Improve patient outcomes 

Catch disease early through AI-driven objectivity and precision.

See more patients

Efficient AI-driven testing and automated reporting lets you diagnose quickly and effectively.

ECG made easy

One 12-lead device measures, interprets, and reports full range of heart disease.

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Measure heart health objectively
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Patent-pending AI and audio-visual feedback guide you to properly place the color-coded electrodes in real time. Verification cues lead you to exact placement and signal when fully aligned. Then the reading begins, generating standard and extended measurements that include an extended capture of up to 40 seconds full-disclosure and markings for 15 independent events. Upon completion, AI-driven diagnostics support your clinical decisions.

Detect irregularities faster

The nCardio ecosystem


A powerful touch screen tablet completes AI tasks locally while storing patient data for long term comparison and review.

Secure cloud

eHIE (enhanced Health Information Exchange) allows you to store annotated images and share patient data in a secure environment. 

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Internally developed filtering and detection algorithms identify and classify various cardiac abnormalities.


12-Lead ECG system processes 8000 samples per second for standard and extended measurement. 

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