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Ensure an accurate ECG reading through best-in-class software

With 12 leads and AI-driven* diagnostics, nCardio intelligently helps you diagnose a broader range of disease among a wider patient population.

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Broaden the way you measure heart health

Patent-pending AI* and audio-visual feedback guide you to properly place the color-coded electrodes in real time. Verification cues lead you to exact placement and signal when fully aligned. Then the reading begins, generating standard and extended measurements that include an extended capture of up to 40 seconds full-disclosure and markings for 15 independent events. Upon completion, AI-driven* diagnostics support your clinical decisions.

The nCardio ecosystem


A powerful touch screen tablet completes AI* tasks locally while storing patient data for long term comparison and review.

Secure cloud

eHIE (enhanced Health Information Exchange) Cloud allows you to store annotated results and share your patient data in a secure environment.

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Internally developed filtering and detection algorithms* identify and classify various cardiac abnormalities.


12-Lead ECG system processes 8000 samples per second for standard and extended measurement. 

Advanced capabilities increase precision and speed


Ensure proper application

Lead on, lead off detection and guided workflow ensure the efficacy of your ECG measurements. 


Screen a wider patient population

Your clinical decisions are supported through graphical ST presentation based upon 2009 AHA/ACCF/HRS Recommendations, Part VI2. Results identify 4 probable sites of the occluded coronary artery and highlight 6 conditions that need immediate medical attention.


Increase your diagnostic yield

Configure 12 diagnostic leads of simultaneously acquired ECG waveforms for an extended range of interpretations. Then, you can record an extended capture of up to 40 seconds full-disclosure or pull any selected 10 seconds.


Precisely measure electrical signaling

15 independent measurements can be calculated for later review and analysis. Support for pharmacologic stress protocols is coming soon.


Share your insights

Exportable 12-lead ECG reports share your recorded data and analytics via PDF and ECG XML.


Track your patients’ health journeys

Your patients’ health journeys are tracked over time with the images and medically relevant data that are stored in their profiles at every visit.


Use nCardio wherever, whenever you need it

Take the lightweight, quiet, and fully portable device with you into different exam rooms and locations with a range of connectivity options. The complete system is powered by batteries that last all day.


Capture and track patients' symptoms

Track your patients' symptoms in their profiles to have a more holistic understanding of your patients' health. In the future, this data can be used for extended diagnostic information. 

Explore nCardio in your clinic

*AI is not currently available in United States

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