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Reach more patients; screen for disease faster

Providing high-quality care and treatment becomes easier when disease is identified as early as possible. Your healthcare screenings will be more accessible, precise, and convenient, making it feasible to screen more patients, faster. Then, your extra exam time can be spent educating patients on prevention and treatment. 

Everything your NGO needs


The portable and lightweight device can be taken into different exam rooms and locations, and the battery lasts all day.

Quality Control

Standardized digital workflow automatically guides you through a series of clear screen prompts, while the quality control algorithm ensures high quality data.

Immediate Results

Right at the end of the procedure, your impression is immediately supported by AI-driven* visualizations. 

Data Security

Data is securely transmitted to your EMS / PACS systems via our HL7/FHIR software bring and the secure eHIE cloud.


Devices maintain superior image quality and signal processing despite fluctuating conditions.

Easy Collaboration

Securely send data and images to anyone, anywhere for additional reviews and long-distance guidance.


Multiple connectivity options include wireless, bluetooth, and HDMI connection educate your patients on a larger screen.

Track Health Journeys

Your patients’ health journeys are tracked over time with the data from each screening.

NSV is committed to assisting your NGO as you integrate the new devices throughout your system.

Your patients’ health journeys are tracked, analyzed, and reported over time. Robust analytics measure each metric and provide profound insights that enhance diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. 


These individual insights are then aggregated to help you manage your patient population. Your branded reports can be securely accessed and shared via your EMR and PACS systems.

Powerful insights improve patient outcomes

*AI is not currently available in United States

Discover risk-free how NSV can streamline your NGO

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