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Trust the results of your cervical pre-cancer colposcopic exams 

nGyn's prescriptive workflow removes subjectivity and variability from colposcopic exams. AI-driven* diagnostics provide recommendations that support decision making.

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high-grade lesions faster

nGyn Overview
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Completely replace your conventional colposcope, intelligently

A configurable, AI-prescribed workflow guides you to capture key images during the exam. In less than five minutes, your images of the cervix are taken before, during, and after the acetic acid application, plus another after Lugol’s iodine. Then, your images are visually supported by AI-driven* cervical mapping and your own annotations, ready for interpretation. You can easily identify if parts of the cervix need a closer inspection. 

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The nGyn ecosystem


A powerful touch screen tablet completes AI* tasks locally while storing patient data for long term comparison and review.

Secure cloud

eHIE (enhanced Health Information Exchange) allows you to store annotated images and share patient data in a secure environment. 

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Internally developed AI and NLP algorithms* identify and classify high-grade lesions.


Portable colposcope with specialized illumination including green LEDs.

Advanced capabilities increase precision and speed

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Reduce variability in your results

Quality control algorithms detect focus and lighting conditions, then guide you to capture consistent, high-quality images. 


Ensure high-contrast images 

Narrowband, green LEDs heighten the intensity of tiny lesions with a greater sensitivity than conventional white lights and green filters. 


Deliver an immediate result during the colposcopic exam

At the end of the procedure, your impression is instantly supported by AI-driven* visualizations and your own annotations. 


Determine critical areas of abnormality faster

Through AI*, visual aids help everyone on your team make more confident decisions. Algorithms map the whiteness present on the cervix to a colorful visual, similar to a heat map.


Track your patients’ health journeys in their profiles

Your patients’ health journeys are tracked over time with the images and medically relevant data that are stored in their profiles at every visit. Securely share results with colleagues around the world for easy collaboration.


Use nGyn wherever, whenever you need it

Take the lightweight, portable device with you into different exam rooms and locations, without any internet connection required. Battery life lasts long enough for 15-20 colposcopic procedures.

Explore nGyn in your clinic

*AI is not currently available in United States

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