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Educate your patients while detecting oral pre-cancer

nOra's prescriptive workflow and AI-driven* diagnostics make it faster for you to detect high-grade lesions.

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Simplify the way you screen for oral pre-cancer

Intra-oral imaging sensors push beyond conventional white light to more precisely detect pre-cancerous and early-stage lesions. A configurable workflow ensures quality control as you're guided to capture each image. Then, your images are visually supported by AI-driven* diagnostics and your own annotations, ready for interpretation. The device can be connected to a larger screen to educate your patients on their results. The detailed exam report helps you streamline operations and easily collect insurance reimbursement. 

The nOra ecosystem


A powerful touch screen tablet completes AI* tasks locally while storing patient data for long term comparison and review.

Secure cloud

eHIE (enhanced Health Information Exchange) allows you to store annotated images and share patient data in a secure environment. 

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Internally developed AI and NLP algorithms* identify and classify cancerous & pre-cancerous lesions.


USB-based peripheral with specialized illumination including white and narrow band sources, customized ISP, and low light sensors.

Advanced capabilities increase precision and speed


Higher quality images lead to more precise assessments

With intra-oral imaging sensors, tiny lesions appear black, showing a greater sensitivity and intensity than conventional white lights. The step-by-step workflow and quality control algorithm create the most precise images possible with customized auto-focus optics.

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Educate patients on their results, immediately 

Connect nOra to a larger screen to show patients their results. Along with your annotations, AI-driven* diagnostics provide visualizations that make it easier to educate your patients and guide them through the next steps.


Empower your hygienists to easily perform exams

Your hygienists can now perform this exam during the cleaning, providing the dentist with supportive AI-driven* diagnostics that visually enhance interpretation.


Streamline operations and substantiate insurance claims

Detailed reports help you assess and compare long term patient health, share findings with patients, and forward discoveries to specialists. Then, submit the report for easier insurance reimbursement. 


Track your patients’ health journeys in their profiles

Your patients’ health journeys are tracked over time with the images and medically relevant data that are stored in their profiles at every visit.

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Use nOra wherever, whenever you need it

Take the lightweight, portable device with you into different exam rooms and locations, without any internet connection required. The battery life lasts all day and you can use bluetooth or USB to pair nOra with a larger screen, mouse, keyboard, and printer. 

Explore nOra in your clinic

*AI is not currently available in United States

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